Time To Focus

Chasing Success Book Cover

Since I announced my retirement from the Alberta Government (My last day in the office will be December 23rd, 2022), I have taken the opportunity to gain additional clarity on what I am going to do on my first day of working solely for L. Neil Thrussell (Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2023). I initially thought I […]

Writing a book!

Just trying out Canva’s create video features/functions! What is Canva? It is the online graphics software package I use to create all my awesome graphical designs on! (https://canva.com) This took me about ten minutes to CREATE. What do you think?

Writers Muse

A creative muse is any source of inspiration you rely on to enrich your writing life and provide you with creative ideas for your next writing project. The word muse comes from the Greek mousai, and refers to the goddesses of creativity and the arts. When I wrote A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening, music was my […]

It is Time!

After a very rewarding 41-year career with the Government of Alberta (Alberta Environment) I will be handing in my swipe card and exiting the building for the last time on February 17th, 2023. I am retiring so that I am able to completely focus my attention on coaching / facilitating and writing full time. I […]

What the ?$%^ is a Literary Tropes?

Without looking it up, do you know what a trope is?? I knew as an author I used tropes a lot! But I didn’t know what I was using was called a trope! trope  noun \ ˈtrōp  \ Definition of trope  1: a word or expression used in a figurative sense : FIGURE OF SPEECH 2: a common or overused theme or […]

Writers Weekend Intensive

To write — to really write — we need to drop down into ourselves and our stories. We need to somehow create a depth of focus that lets us see and step into the wide, dazzling possibility of the next page. We all love the people and places in our lives, but writing comes more easily with […]


I am seriously considering putting together a writers weeklong retreat in Playa de Carmen, Mexico in mid to late February 2023. You fly into Cancun Mexico and our ground transportation will take you to the site! I don’t know a lot of the details. But what I do know is that: Includes 2 chef prepared […]

Action and Adventure

Let me set the scene. Pretend for the moment the following is a scene from a movie and not what really happened to me on June 22, 2022! Our hapless careening up the road on his hybrid pedal bike! (See above) Like the lawful person he is, our hero safely merges over to the left […]

Homophones and Homonyms

As an author, language is important, but equally as important is grammar. I personally don’t struggle with language when I write as I have a very verbose and well rounded dictionary of words to choose from. But it is that darn ole’ issue of grammar that can trip me up. Which it does regularly. Especially […]

The Writer Inside of You

Even though I have written countless stories, articles, blog posts and have published 3 novels. I still have a hard time saying that I am an author. As at times I get caught up in the old world paradigm, that only real authors have a big name publisher behind them. Like Harpercollins, Random House and […]