Action and Adventure

Let me set the scene. Pretend for the moment the following is a scene from a movie and not what really happened to me on June 22, 2022! Our hapless careening up the road on his hybrid pedal bike! (See above) Like the lawful person he is, our hero safely merges over to the left […]

Homophones and Homonyms

As an author, language is important, but equally as important is grammar. I personally don’t struggle with language when I write as I have a very verbose and well rounded dictionary of words to choose from. But it is that darn ole’ issue of grammar that can trip me up. Which it does regularly. Especially […]

The Writer Inside of You

Even though I have written countless stories, articles, blog posts and have published 3 novels. I still have a hard time saying that I am an author. As at times I get caught up in the old world paradigm, that only real authors have a big name publisher behind them. Like Harpercollins, Random House and […]

Making the Time

It was forecasted to be rainy for most of this past weekend and, in spite of the predicted forecast, Tina and I still decided to go out to our trailer this weekend. The rain could/would be the perfect reason for me to take the time to write. We just wanted to get away and spend […]

Fiction Spiritual Genre

Recently I had this question posed to me, “ What is my definition of the Spiritual Fiction genre?” I had to reflect on that question for a period of time. The best I come up with is that, the spiritual fiction genre is about sharing a belief and processes of personal transformation involved in believing in a […]

Does writing an eBook scare the hell out of you?

For many of you that probably scares the HELL out of you! I know it did me before I discovered the 7 Steps to Self-publishing my books. As you maybe aware of, I am a 3 X International best-selling fiction author and 1 X non-fiction best-selling author. As an avid reader of my blog posts. […]

I am Certified.. Or is it Certifiable? Hmmm!!!

NLP and Time Line Therapy Certification From February 22 to February 26th, 2022, Tina and I completed an internationally recognized coaches training program called Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy. Which in itself is a great achievement. …But to add to the excitement and to test our personal resolve. The class was coming to […]

My Faith Assures Me That Every Event in My Life has Meaning

Part of my talk Part of my talk My faith assures me that every event in my life has meaning and brings gifts?  What hell was I thinking when I created that title topic?  I suspect it made perfect sense when I came up with the idea.  But it made absolutely no sense on Tuesday […]

Insights to Self Publishing Your Book

Has been an interesting week. I realized I had NOT offered a program to my tribe, friends and colleagues in a long while. So I spent a few moments pondering this to myself, “What would you like to offer them neil. That you haven’t offered to them before?” I thought on it for a few […]