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How to Write a Testimonial: The Main Elements to Include

  • Your full name and your job title, if you have one. A written testimonial becomes far more credible when readers know the writer is a real person.
  • Problems and challenges. It's great if you can share your initial problems, challenges, and fears since this assures people that they are not alone with their doubts.
  • Solution. Some people like to know what to expect, so sharing how I helped you deal with or solve your problem/challenge/fear can help them decide whether or not to work with me.
  • Result. It's especially important to indicate the result of our working together - how are things different for you now?
  • Emotions. Share what you felt before, during and/or after our time together. Sharing your emotions is critically important to help motivate people to engage with me in order to create positive change in their life, too.
  • Experience. You may also want to share your general experiences and impressions of what it was like to work with me.
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