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Introducing Nathaniel Theos

Introducing Nathaniel Theos
Author: L. Neil Thrussell
I would like to introduce you to Nathaniel Theos my pseudonymous and alter ego. Since I am stepping into uncharted territories in my writing, Nathaniel Theos will allow me to explore diverse genres with a fresh perspective and creativity.

While my literary journey is deeply rooted in the exploration of spirituality, Nathaniel Theos ventures into new realms, crafting stories that are a departure from my usual genre. I am doing this because I am fully committed to maintaining the sanctity of my spiritual writings, so I have chosen to create a distinct identity for my alternative writing endeavours.

Nathaniel Theos's books are a testament to my desire to write a range of stories that go beyond the spiritual realms. Readers can expect an exciting journey into unexplored narratives, with each tale infused with Nathaniel Theos's (L. Neil Thrussell's) unique style and imaginative storytelling.

As Neil continues to enrich the literary world with his spiritual insights under his original name, Nathaniel Theos provides a canvas for me to paint, explore and play in different literary landscapes, offering readers a diverse and engaging reading experience or so I hope!

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