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Jack (Jill) of all Trades

Jack (Jill) of all Trades
Author: Neil Thrussell
On Friday, Nov. 26th, 2021 I proudly wore many, many trade hats. Prior to Friday, Tina and I had completely cleaned out the office, removed everything in it in preparation of new laminate floors that were going to be installed on Friday into the office. Tina carefully patched and painted the walls.

I needed to remove the modem and router that was still situated in the office so that the laminate would be easier for the installer to install. This is where my journey starts.

I chose to move the modem and router to the basement. I also chose not to use an extension cord (which would have made my job much easier) but rather run the electronic equipment off of their own separate circuit. Hence I started my day as an electrician.

Apparently there is a minor shortage of breakers at the hardware stores. Who knew?? I had to go to two different stores to purchase the breaker and the dedicated circuit run. I needed to fish internet cable down the cold air vent from the second story office to the new modem / router location in the basement, so we could have a hardwired internet connection to the office on the second floor. This required a little bit more electrical trades skills, and little bit of tin bashing skills!

Once the cabling, router and modem were connected up, I had to do a little testing to make sure it all works. Yay me!

Next up was putting the office back together after the laminate was installed. A little bit of general carpentry skill was called upon for replacement of the baseboards.

Then I tackled the next big project of the day! - replacing the main level toilet. A simple job, but requires a little finesse. (Foreshadowing here.) I seem to have misplaced my finesse.

It took me three - Yes! Three - tries to get it leak free! Sigh! (Tina editing this article - we're up to four times!)

As a Jack or Jill of all trades, I didn't have the finesse to know all the tricks to getting a leak-free toilet! I knew how to install them and have done a few toilet installations, but I purchased a finicky new toilet and it required me to know all the tricks of the trade - how to seat the wax ring and to seat the rubber seal between the tank and the bowl.

The moral of the story is sometimes you can be a great generalist, but there are times in your life that you need to hire the professionals, even when you think you know what you are doing!!
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