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Writers Weekend Intensive

Author: Neil Thrussell
To write — to really write — we need to drop down into ourselves and our stories. We need to somehow create a depth of focus that lets us see and step into the wide, dazzling possibility of the next page.

We all love the people and places in our lives, but writing comes more easily with solitude and time.


Those are beautiful words, right? Luxurious words that conjure images of writing studios filled with cozy armchairs, sunlit windows, and silence.

Like me, you’ve probably learned to write pretty much anywhere, from your living room surrounded by laundry, to busy coffee shops and even a public library.

But sometimes, writers need space – we need time and solitude like we need water and air.

Writing retreats give us that space, plus, they offer the perfect excuse to take a vacation alone. At a writing retreat, you can relax and recharge while working on something that’s important to you.

I especially like facilitated writing retreats that combine free writing with group workshops. The workshop portion gets the writing juices flowing, making solitary writing more productive.

In Honour Of November National Novel Writing Month

Join me and consummate researcher and fellow writer Tim Summers for a weekend dedicated to providing you with time to write your book. Time, for group work/shares on your writing project as well as one-on-one time coaching time for your writing project.

More Information Here

Escape the city and experience dedicated writing time for your project!

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