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I am Certified.. Or is it Certifiable? Hmmm!!!

Author: Neil Thrussell
NLP and Time Line Therapy Certification

From February 22 to February 26th, 2022, Tina and I completed an internationally recognized coaches training program called Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy. Which in itself is a great achievement. ...But to add to the excitement and to test our personal resolve. The class was coming to us LIVE from Australia, which meant that we started our training every day at 2:00 pm and went to 2:00 am every night. For five nights straight!

To add to our stress levels of paying good money for the certification program and needing to pass the exam to be certified. We also had many daytime activities that needed our attention. Sometimes divine timing seems to NOT work in our favour. Overall it was a very tiring, yet exceptionally rewarding experience.
We loved the Instructor/facilitator Tony Kaye and his entire support team. Though if truth be told, I felt a lot of stress, actually quite overwhelmed, as Tina and I both struggled through the final exam. We failed the exam a few times. Which brought up a whole bunch of personal triggers, as I personally haven't failed an exam since High School! That was a few years ago!

My only criticism of the entire workshop is the way they set up the online exam! After I failed the exam, they didn't provide me (or Tina) an opportunity to discover what questions we got wrong. Which made it very difficult to sort out what we were wrong.
Loved the fact that they gave everybody about 10 minutes to throw something fancy on for your "Graduation".

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