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it Just Happened.

Author: Neil Thrussell
Categories: Shin Dao (The Way of the heart)

I don't know how it it happened. It just sort of happened. I was blissfully writing on "Alchemy of the Heart" . Loving the two main characters and their powerful interactions. I had recently gotten over the various mind blocks that I had. As I was writing the protagonist (lead character) as a woman. Something in all of my writings to-date I had never done before. So this was all new to me and I had finally got over second guessing her and it she was now flowing out of my heart and onto the screen as a developed character. I was truly capturing her essence, or at-least I thought so.
Well, that was until Saturday, February 8, 2020. That was when in my mind, I fully committed to signing up for the draw (Lottery) to run in the 2020 New York Marathon. The moment I committed to doing signing up Master Akio and Graham came rushing in, like a tidal wave. I somewhat reluctantly forced to switch books and start once again writing "The Promise."

So the journey continues...

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