1. Get clear
2. Develop your Mind and Body
3. Step into your Personal Power
4. Regroup and Refocus
5. Walk your Talk

1. Go Deeper into Understanding Who you are and What you Want out of life.

Know who you are and what you are here to do and you build an indestructible foundation for living a meaningful, fulfilling life. Step 1 gives you the Clarity to Create the Joyful Life you long for.

2. Expand your Mind and Develop a Healthy Body through Loving Self-care and Discipline.

Expand your thinking, shift your perspectives, and develop a robust, healthy body through loving self-care and discipline. From there you have everything you need to feel Alive in a life you Love.

3. Know the Truth of Who you are, Tap into your Inner Wisdom and Strength, and you’ll have the Power and Courage to Live life Your Way.

Touch your True Essence, and your life will never be the same! You’ll maintain Inner Peace within the chaos of life. You’ll meet every challenge and face any adversary with Confident Courage, Strength, and Wisdom.

4. Sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ and you get thrown off-track. That’s the time to check your compass and re-establish your direction.

Discover the gifts in your ‘detours’ and you’ll enhance your journey. You may even take a whole new direction! Learn to be open, flexible, and surrendered to the flow of life to Experience Ease and Grace in your life.

5. Develop Integrity to Master the Magic of Life.

Do it – Live your life Your Way! – don’t just talk about it. Build Trust by Doing what you Say you’ll do. Feel Fulfilled, and Deepen your own Learning, by Teaching what you’ve learned… and have FUN along the way!

Transform Your Life by taking these 5 steps within our Light-hearted, Supportive, Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart Community that Honors your Individual Path.

Every human being lives a unique life. Your personal histories are different than other’s. Your combination of values and approaches to life are different than other’s. Therefore, your personal path to Wholeness, Well-being, and the Love you long for may also be different than other’s.

The practices, training, and attitudes of the Shin Dao System of Transformation™ (an unprecedented blend of Playfulness, Challenge and the martial arts principles of Respect and Discipline) give you a common ground to Strengthen your Determination and Committment to Passionately follow Your Path Your Way, within a supportive community.

Confidently develop the Depth of who You are in the Safety of our Dojo

The word ‘dojo’ means ‘way place’ – a place where one studies The Way (in this case The Way of the Heart). A dojo is a training ground, a temple, a sanctuary, and most of all, a safe environment in which you can explore yourself and all areas of your life.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual safety are the cornerstones of all dojos. As you feel this safety throughout your Shin Dao experiences, the deeper art of finding your way begins.

Experience the FUN of Celebrating Your Successes!

In the traditions of western martial arts schools, training is offered as a system of ‘belts’ (or ‘sashes’, as they are identified in Karate) as a way of differentiating between the various levels of training and progression. Each belt/sash level builds on the lessons, practices and skills learned of the previous level.

Within the Shin Dao System of Transformation™, each Belt/Sash level moves you deeper and deeper into Clarity and Confidence about who You are, what Your Calling and Your Path is.

Every belt/sash level provides you with life-enhancing tools and amazing opportunities to uncover – or in some cases rediscover – your own inner truth.

As you hone your Skills, develop your Talents, achieve greater levels of Achievement, Success and Personal Satisfaction in your life, we Celebrate with you by awarding you with your colored Sash. (More details on each Sash level below).

Feel Honored, Respected and Celebrated through beautiful ceremony.

It is commonly accepted in the martial arts that you can tell the level of technical, as well as spiritual, development of an individual simply by observing them bow. Each time you bow or otherwise exchange a greeting, you have a unique opportunity to express fully from your heart the respect and caring you hold for others. This is your true nature.

Live Your True Nature! Shine Your Light!

Engage in the Interactive, Engaging
(and yes, at times Challenging) 5 step
Shin Dao System of Transformation™!

White Sash – Get Clear about who you are and what matters to you by exploring your heart’s desires. Experience direction and meaning in your life.

Orange Sash – Develop your Mind and Body. Conquer your fears and become Unstoppable! Acquire Tools, Techniques and Diligence to feel Freedom and Joy in your life.

Purple Sash – Step Into Your Power. Feel Confident in your choices. Learn to Trust Yourself and your Intuition to avoid self-doubt and Self-sabotage.

Red Sash – ReGroup and ReFocus. Feel a Confident sense of Alignment with your Purpose. Surrender to the Flow of life to Experience Ease, Grace and a Lightness of Being that guides you into an amazing life.

Black Sash – Walk Your Talk. Develop Personal Mastery. Embody the teachings to Deepen your Experience of life to feel Freedom like you never Imagined.

Love You. Love your Life.

Become a Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart – Black Belt.